The best thing you can do for your smile in the remaining months of 2019 is to schedule your next dental checkup at our Fairfield dentist’s office. At our comfortable office, such a preventive visit will always include a teeth cleaning and a thorough examination of your mouth. Plus, two of these sessions are typically included in your dental insurance benefits that expire at the end of the calendar year. So, we hope you will use this opportunity to enhance your smile, rather than lose it by doing nothing. Check out today’s video clip below (it is about insurance) then Call Fairfield Smiles By Design at 203-254-0545 to request an easy appointment in Fairfield, CT. Just in case you don’t have insurance right now, we’ll make it easy for you to get back on track by offering an introductory exam for just $97 for new adult patients, and it even includes X-rays and a dental cleaning!