Save Teeth From Infection With Root Canals in Fairfield

Root canals in Fairfield can seem intimidating because of their scary reputation. However, you don’t have to feel that way in our office. With his extensive experience and advanced training in prosthodontics, Dr. Pablo Cuevas can save your tooth and get you feeling better. Your root canal procedure will go well, thanks to:

  • Our caring team, who is committed to your comfort
  • Dental sedation to keep you relaxed throughout your treatment
  • Patient-friendly technology like digital X-rays to diagnose the problem and plan your procedure
  • Our comfortable dental chairs, with heat and vibration features, along with other amenities like noise-reduction headphones

If you have a toothache and suspect you may need root canal therapy, call 203-254-0545. We can usually offer you same-day emergency dental care if you need it.

Tooth Removal or Root Canal Therapy: Which Should You Receive?

If the pulp inside your tooth gets infected, you’ll need either a root canal procedure or tooth removal. Dr. Cuevas will explain both options to you and answer all your questions so you can choose the one that makes sense for you. We’ll consider the condition of your tooth and other factors.

Among the factors we’ll help you evaluate:

  • Expense – Root canal therapy does cost more than an extraction, but it leaves your tooth intact. That means you won’t need to worry about replacing it. With a tooth replacement, the cost of the two procedures will be similar.
  • Recovery – Unlike an extraction, there is no bleeding and minimal discomfort following a root canal. You won’t need to change your oral care routine or your diet during your recovery.
  • Effect on Your Oral Health – A root canal procedure doesn’t remove your tooth roots. The roots stimulate your jaw, which helps keep your jaw strong. You won’t experience the loss of bone that occurs after a tooth is removed.

For root canals in Fairfield, call Fairfield Smiles By Design at 203-254-0545.