Sleep Better & Stop Dental Damage With Custom Night Guards

In addition to sports, we also provide custom mouthguards for:

  • Teeth Grinding – This behavior, often caused by stress, not only damages your teeth but can also cause a painful condition called TMJ disorder. We can fit you for a night guard that will stop your grinding and relieve the jaw pain caused by TMJ problems.
  • Sleep Apnea – A custom-made mouthguard can be used to treat sleep apnea by moving your jaw into a position that keeps your airway clear while you sleep. Many people find it easier to adjust to a mouthguard than to a CPAP machine.

No matter which kind of mouthguard you get, we use a hassle-free digital scanner to take dental impressions. There’s no messy goop in your mouth!

Proper Mouthguard Maintenance Will Extend Its Life

You’ll want to keep your custom mouthguards as long as possible. To do so, you should take good care of them. Follow our mouthguard maintenance advice:

  • Don’t chew on your mouthguard
  • Don’t ever share it with others
  • Clean after every use, using mild soap or toothpaste; use warm water rather than hot
  • Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or other high temperatures
  • Bring it with you to your dental exams so we can make sure it’s still in good shape

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