Change the Look of Short Teeth & Teeth Damaged by Grinding

Bruxism (teeth grinding) can be hard on your smile. Dr. Cuevas will look for signs of damage caused by grinding during every dental exam. If he finds any, he will likely recommend a custom mouthguard that can stop your grinding behavior. We’ll use hassle-free digital technology to take impressions of your teeth, then send them to a lab that will make you a mouthguard that fits you perfectly.

A teeth contouring treatment can often improve the appearance of teeth damaged by grinding. For more extensive damage, a dental crown or veneer may be needed.

While a teeth contouring procedure can make teeth that are too long appear shorter, we can also lengthen the appearance of teeth that are too short with a treatment called crown lengthening. Dr. Cuevas will simply remove a tiny amount of gum tissue to reveal more of the white part of your tooth. We sometimes perform this procedure to make it easier to receive a dental restoration like a veneer or crown.

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