Whether you’ve already downloaded that fitness tracker app or aren’t even thinking about a New Year’s resolution, it can’t hurt to improve your smile throughout 2021. There are too many reasons to list, but here are the top five reasons to prioritize your smile this year. Some can give you nearly instant results too, which is more than you’ll get from other resolutions.

  1. You can boost your self-esteem. A confident smile is often underrated. Having a smile you are proud of will help you talk to others without reservation – or talk at all. We’ve heard from patients who reached out to romantic interests, applied for jobs they wanted, and began friendships at social events or work all because they didn’t have to keep their mouths closed or hidden anymore.
  2. You can boost your bank account. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and dental checkups are a lot less expensive than dental work to treat cavities, gum disease, infected teeth, and missing teeth. Although we are happy to restore your dental health by treating these problems, we’d rather you save the extra cash and keep your smile as healthy as possible.
  3. You can boost your appearance. Think about your favorite celebrities. Don’t they show off a great, white, full smile? Many people consider a smile the best feature and even think a good smile makes you look younger, more successful, and friendlier. Is that what your smile conveys? By keeping up with your oral home routine and getting the dental work you need, you can look better overall. The best part is, you don’t have to have expensive facial surgery done to look better. Even a simple teeth whitening treatment can take years off your actual age – in as little as an hour!
  4. You can boost your peace of mind about your oral health. No one should have to worry that they are living with dental problems. No one should have to put up with the practical and psychological toll that tooth loss takes. No one should dread a dental appointment because they don’t want to hear bad news about their smile. Taking care of your smile routinely can eliminate all that. Dr. Cuevas even offers sedation if you need to get dental work done without anxiety.
  5. You can boost your health. Teeth grinding treatment can eliminate chronic migraines. Sleep apnea appliances can reduce dangerous related health risks, like stroke. Root canals can keep infection from spreading in your body. Gum disease treatment can reduce associated risks like diabetes complications.

There are so many other advantages to having a great smile! Call Fairfield Smiles at 203-254-0545 to request an appointment to improve your smile in Fairfield.