Like many others before him, our patient Bill had a great experience with his teeth implants from Fairfield Smiles By Design!

Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Cuevas, Bill had his entire implant procedure performed in our Fairfield, CT office. This is much more convenient than visiting an oral surgeon for implant placement. Yet this is what happens at many general dentist offices, where patients are sent to a specialist for this part of the treatment.

With effective local anesthesia and sedation options, Bill also experienced no discomfort during his procedure –and very little afterward. Watch our video and hear Bill explain how his restored implants “don’t feel any different from the rest of my teeth.”

Unlike other teeth replacements, Bill won’t have to worry about rapid reduction of bone mass in his jaw. Implants stimulate your jawbone just like natural tooth roots do, which helps keep your bone strong and intact.

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