Thanksgiving is all about traditions – time with family or friends, a chance to share what you’re grateful for, a big meal, the big game, and lots of leftovers. If your missing teeth or dentures are preventing you from joining in on all the festivities, it’s time to start a new tradition with teeth implants.

For over 30 years, Dr. Cuevas, a specialist in teeth replacement, has been using implants to help people eat easily, speak easily, and smile easily. Because implants are placed in your bone, they create an incredibly firm foundation for replacement teeth – crowns, bridges, or dentures. That means you can grab that generous helping of pecan pie without worrying your teeth will fall out or cause you pain.

Your Thanksgiving tradition no longer has to be eating soft foods and keeping your mouth closed in family photos. Call Fairfield Smiles at 203-254-0545 to request your complimentary consultation for teeth implants in Fairfield. Dr. Cuevas will discuss the benefits of implants you can enjoy, including those below.

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