You know you need to replace your missing teeth, but you are wondering if you should get dental implants.

These replacement roots are an investment in your oral health and your quality of life. Here are three ways that implants can help you. Call 203-254-0545 to set up a consultation at Fairfield Smiles By Design in Fairfield, CT to discuss more ways implants could be the right fit for you.

Big Smiles

Fairfield Smiles By Design - dental implants

Let’s start with the obvious one. Implants can be part of your teeth replacements. Implants can secure your crowns, bridges, or dentures without the need for dental adhesives.

Strong Bite

Fairfield Smiles By Design - dental implants

Being able to eat what you want makes a big difference in your overall health and your enjoyment of meals. With implants, you can bite and chew as well as someone with a full set of healthy teeth.

Healthy Jaws

Fairfield Smiles By Design - dental implants

Implants function as artificial roots. Like tooth roots, implants stimulate your jaw, which triggers new bone tissue to be created. This helps you avoid the bone loss that can occur when you have traditional bridges or dentures.

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